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The Cargo Defence Fund is managed and administered by a Board of Trustees representing shippers interests. The Nigerian Shippers' Council has provided a well equipped and furnished office for the secretariat of Cargo Defence Fund.

Currently the office is manned by the Secretary who is a maritime lawyer, expert and experienced bureaucrat, supported by other professional assistants made up of lawyers and other experts in Shipping and International Trade practice and ICT.
The Fund has worked out an arrangement with Nigerian Shippers' Council Zonal Coordinating, Port and Area Offices for the registration of members and to receive shippers complaints.

The Fund became operational in October, 2001 and is managed and administered by a Board of Trustees representing major interest groups or stakeholders. The Board meets regularly to set targets or goals and also carry out Board assignments including enlightenment programmes to sensitize and exchange views with interest groups to further create the awareness of the existence of the Fund.

Our major concern is to deal with problems associated with the abandonment of legitimate Cargo Claims by Nigerian operators. Issues such as the technicalities involved, follow up costs, foreign jurisdiction and in some cases fraud discourage many Nigerians in the pursuit of their legitimate rights. However, Importers
and exporters have to face the consequences of abandonment and these ultimately give rise to diminished income, inflated bank charges or loans, inability to sustain businesses, inability to fulfill business commitments, businesses folding up and other consequential economic losses.

Our vision is to ensure that shippers legitimate claims that are related to delay, loss, damage, or fraud are pursued conclusively to ensure redress in order to help shippers sustain their businesses.

The mission of the Cargo Defence Fund is to tackle successfully, problems associated with the abandonment of legitimate cargo claims.

Visit http://www.cargodefencefund.org for more information.