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The following procedure shall be adopted for payments for:
  • Letters of credit transactions: where the transactions involve issuance of Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI) and or supplier's credit, all negotiating documents and or shipping documents (as may be applicable), must be routed from the Beneficiary/Supplier through his/her bank to the correspondence bank of the issuing bank and thereafter to the issuing bank. For the avoidance of doubt, on no account must banks endorse or pay on documents which do not comply with the routing outlined Above.
  • For Bills for Collection transactions and Unconfirmed Letters of Credit, documents must come to the issuing bank either directly from the supplier's bank or through the offshore correspondent of the issuing bank.
  • For Not Valid for foreign exchange transactions (which do not require foreign exchange transfer), the supplier should forward the documents directly to the bank that opened the Form "M". In addition, applicable returns on non-submission of shipping documents after 90 days in respect of such transactions must henceforth be rendered.

In the case of personal effects, the relevant documents should be forwarded to the appropriate Service Provider. However, where dutiable goods are found to be in excess of the approved passenger concession, they shall be liable to the clearance procedure applicable to commercial goods and accordingly all import documentation requirements must be complied with, failing which they shall be liable to seizure.

17. For transactions with Post Landing charges, a retention fee of 5 - 15% of the project cost as agreed between the importer and the overseas supplier shall be indicated on both the Contract Agreement and the Pro-forma invoice which shall form part of the supporting documents for the registration of relevant Form M. In addition,

    • the stated fee shall not be remitted until a satisfactory evaluation of the project has been undertaken by the Industrial Inspectorate Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry
    • The Scanning Company shall forward to the Federal Ministry of Industry (Industrial Inspectorate Department) and the Central Bank of Nigeria , Trade and Exchange Department copies of the Contract Agreement and Pro-forma invoice of such projects for monitoring purposes.
    • During Destination Inspection, the Nigeria Customs Service shall take cognizance of the value of shipment and Post Landing charges as would have been indicated on the Risk Assessment Report (RAR)
    • The Industrial Inspectorate Department, Federal Ministry of Industry shall thereafter carry out an evaluation of the project and advise the Central Bank of Nigeria accordingly
    • On receipt of the report of the evaluation from the Federal Ministry of Industry (Industrial Inspectorate Department), the Central Bank of Nigeria shall advise the respective scanning company on the issuance of the RAR in respect of the retained value and the Authorized Dealer advised to remit same to the beneficiary.